Public talks

Some of my recent public talks have been recorded so you can watch them online.

The 2017 AAO Allison Levick Memorial Lecture

Galaxy Convention talk on STEM and Entrepreneurship

Extreme events: Exploring the Transient Universe

CAASTRO in the Classroom talk for high school students “Waves in the Sky”

STEM in Cambodia

Since 2015 I have been working with the Cambodian Children’s Trust to set up a STEM program for high school students.

Talking to high school students in Battambang
Talking to Battambang high school students about astronomy.

In 2017 we launched the first ICT and coding courses available in Khmer, based on the Australian curriculum. Read more about preparing young Khmer for life in the digital age.

Coding in school

Programming and computational thinking are critical skills for today’s students. Some of the projects I’m involved in to help improve these skills for both students and teachers are: